Welcome…Most Real Estate agents spend the majority of their time and financial resources prospecting for new business doing things like cold calling on property that failed to sell, door knocking, open houses, mass mailing to a subdivision and advertising. We don’t do that! Instead we devote ourselves to serving the needs of our clients before, during and after each transaction. We believe as long as we spend our time and resources taking care of your needs you will respond by referring people just like you.

What we do for you:

  • Listen to you and your requirements
  • Offer convenient 1-stop shopping for your next home
  • Put you in touch with knowledgeable, trustworthy lenders and service people
  • Know your future community and its schools
  • Advise you on getting your home in the best showing condition
  • Provide virtual tours of beautiful homes with current technology
  • Successfully attract buyers to your home
  • Negotiate the best possible price and terms for you
  • Keep your entire process on track
  • Close the transaction to your satisfaction


Tug understands human behavior and uses those skills to guide you through one of the most stressful endeavors people face. As a “motivator” he creates ‘win-win’ situations to accomplish your goals and complete projects. The bottom line for you is that his experience and get-it-done approach saves time and frustrating delays.

Judi is known for creative and “first of its kind” marketing strategies. Her ability to see the “train wreck” before it happens and her willingness to roll up her sleeves and handle the tough times gives you the confidence of being guided through the maze by a pro.

The majority of our business comes from people who have been referred to us by other satisfied clients – people who trust us. We have a reputation for tenaciously working for you, as well as being a team you like and respect.

We have actively served in several community and civic causes in Fort Wayne over the last 16 years. Our daughter, Ana, is our greatest delight! We place a high value on family and know what it takes to get your family moved. Real estate involves much more than wood, bricks and mortar. It is a business of families, hopes and dreams.


Judi knows new home construction, resale and mortgage trends that effect the real estate market in the community we live. Tug knows the resale market and has a builder’s license with a background in single and multi-family construction, as well as commercial. We are high tech in order to enhance high touch for communicating up-to-date information without compromising personal attention. Our mission is to serve you and our community with the highest level of professionalism and dedication as we incorporate new technologies. The next time you buy or sell a home, look to us for the kind of commitment and service that typifies the pursuit of excellence, it is our trademark.


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